The Intelligent BPO Process

by BancTec on September 12, 2011

BPO planning processYou can outsource your business processes to save money. Let’s take that as a given.

But your savings are limited if your business processes are cumbersome to begin with. A broken process that’s outsourced is still broken.

The BancTec approach to outsourcing is different. Our clients—1,600 across 50 countries—rely on our internally developed solutions and the technology we’ve built in house.

We take business processes and do more than replicate them. We offer clients a holistic methodology to assess where business process outsourcing can increase efficiency and reduce costs the most. That’s Intelligent BPO, or iBPO.

BancTec’s iBPO approach includes four basic components:

BPO process

1.    Envision

BancTec offers process optimization consulting to thoroughly evaluate which financial and back-office processes will benefit most from outsourcing. With so many clients’ processes under our belts, our knowledge of best practices is extensive.

2.    Design 

Redesigning processes is a daily thing for BancTec’s engineers, but every client is different.  Some process changes we help you put into place before outsourcing.  In other cases, we transition the process as is, with a plan to re-engineer it over time.  For one iBPO client, BancTec slashed annual transaction costs by implementing more than 15 business improvements gradually over 12 months.

3.    Transition

Next, we migrate your process carefully to a BancTec iBPO Center of Excellence. Our goal is a seamless transition with uncompromising attention to confidentiality and security. Where needed, we use staff and technology that are dedicated to specific industries, including financial services, insurance, healthcare, utility, transportation and the public sector.

4.    Optimize

BancTec delivers a wealth of reporting information to ensure your outsourced process is streamlined, quality assured and compliant.  Your key performance indicators are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis—you get a transparent view of your newly optimized process.

How can Intelligent BPO work for your organization? See this recent case study for our BPO work at a large insurance company.

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Anisha October 21, 2011 at 3:58 pm

Big help, big help. And superlative news on BPO of curse.


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