BancTec Named Partner of the Year by Palette

by BancTec on December 15, 2011

BancTec Partners with PaletteAt BancTec, we value technological leadership. We distinguish ourselves from most BPO providers by powering our state-of-the-art Centers of Excellence with our own proprietary hardware and software. And when we extend our capabilities through technology partnerships, we leverage these relationships to ensure the best possible service to our clients.

That’s why we’re pleased to have been named “Partner of the Year” by Palette, a market leader in solutions for enterprise purchase-to-pay and automated processing of Accounts Payable invoices.

Our partnership with Palette began in 2009, with the Swedish company’s expansion into North America. It has benefited businesses across the United States and Europe in managing the complete accounts payable cycle. BancTec’s AP automation solution is powered by PaletteArena, which offers the most automated approach to supplier invoice matching and straight-through processing. The combination results in invoice processing with reduced costs, improved productivity and cycle times, and greater visibility.

Palette’s web-based architecture enables BancTec to give users secure access to invoice workflows in the cloud, and complete control and visibility of the entire process. Our accounts payable automation solution reduces the time and money spent on AP processing, allowing accounts payable departments to eliminate time-intensive administrative tasks and focus on value-producing activities.

Founded in Sweden in 1993, Palette is an established leader in the field of electronic processing in the European and Nordic markets. It has sales offices across Europe and in the U.S., with 1,000 customers in 34 countries.

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