Writer Hits Upon the Essence of Intelligent BPO

by BancTec on January 23, 2012

A Forbes magazine column last year included an endorsement of BancTec’s approach to BPO.

After a personal experience with outsourcing left Mark Gibbs less than pleased, he wrote,  “The reality is that outsourcing (whether it’s to a firm down the road or a company over in Mumbai) in and of itself isn’t a bad thing; indeed, there are business processes where outsourcing makes a huge amount of sense. But here’s the thing: When you use outsourcing to remove what you see as a necessary evil rather than a way to improve a process, you make a huge mistake.”

BancTec’s Intelligent BPO, or iBPO, methodology was developed to avoid this very situation. Businesses must understand that simply outsourcing an already inefficient process will not lead to improvements in the long run. A business must first consult with the outsourcing provider to determine the best way to optimize the process before merely outsourcing inefficiency.

The four steps involved in BancTec’s BPO process include envisioning the ideal process and designing that process based on best practices. The migration process begins next, either all at once or in stages. The final optimization stage is ongoing; BancTec continues to manage the process and make improvements. By choosing the smarter way to outsource, companies realize lower costs, reduced risk, better service and improved intelligence.

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