Depend on BPO Providers Who Know the P2P Process

by BancTec on February 20, 2012

Today’s post is from Lori Messana, Vice President/Managing Director, P2P Portfolio, at BancTec.


When meeting with a potential BPO provider and its team of “Subject Matter Experts” it is important to determine if the provider actually understands the corporate world, especially when it comes to procurement and accounts payable. After all, knowing how to drive a car doesn’t make someone a mechanic.

Has the Provider Walked in Your Shoes?

Someone who has done what you do will be in a much better position to understand the key issues involved in your business processes. With a provider that can act as a consultant and work with you, the best technology solution can be developed.

Of course the whole provider team does not have to understand your entire business, but be sure that someone there understands your typical day and how to solve the issues you confront.

Get to Know Your P2P Vendor

Simple research of a P2P provider and looking up the individual team members on LinkedIn and other public sources will help you get to know your potential partner. Asking the vendor team directly to tell you more about themselves is another good way to learn about their experience with P2P and AP automation.

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