Focus on Change Management When Automating AP

by BancTec on March 22, 2012

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Lori Messana, BancTec

Today’s post is from Lori Messana, Managing Director, P2P Portfolio, at BancTec.

When it comes to automating your accounts payable, change management plays an important role, so it can’t be an afterthought. Automating AP affects a large group of stakeholders, and for some of them, change can be intimidating. Change management has to focus on countering resistance that can impede the project.

It is best to acknowledge both the positive and negative impacts of transitioning to business process outsourcing, and then communicate the ultimate benefits of an improved business process to your employees and customers. Affecting change at an emotional level is important. After all, if you change people’s feelings, you will change their behavior.

Outsourcing Accounts Payable, the Right Way

Once you and your BPO company identify all the procedural changes, change management should begin with communicating to the team what’s going to change. Discuss the benefits to employees, and include some of your “tough customers” in the early discussions. Your biggest critics can become your biggest fans.

It is also important to communicate to vendors before, during and after the BPO transition stages.

Communicate twice as much as you think is enough. And make doing things the right way easy, even fun.

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